Upcycled Dresser

Pete & I are both very excited to share this easy, weekend project with you.

We’ve been chipping away at decorating the man cave for a few weeks now. The walls have been painted, and the deer heads hung; but, what’s a man cave without a giant TV?  So while we were shopping around and pricing our options it dawned on us that we had nothing to set this TV on or store all of it’s gadgets in.

We kicked around the idea of buying an entertainment center. Money doesn’t grow on trees, so we quickly vetoed that option.

We kicked around building something. Apparently our creative juices were running out, because neither of us could come up with an idea we both loved.

Then it hit us…let’s upcycle an old dresser! So that’s just what we did, and I’m here to show you how.

Here’s the gem we found at a used furniture shop across the river.


The dimensions were exactly what we were searching for, it’s solid wood, and was priced  right at only $70. That was a little more than what we were hoping to spend; however, $70 is just a drop in the bucket if you compare it to what we would’ve paid for a brand new entertainment center.

Step 1: Sand, sand, sand

This took maybe 10 minutes using a palm sander.

Step 2: Paint color decision time. SW Dovetail or SW Sealskin??

IMG_0522 IMG_0523

I stopped at our local Sherwin Williams, picked out two shades of gray I liked, bought the sample sizes, and was on my merry way. P.s. I LOVE the sample size paints. It’s plenty of paint to tackle a furniture redo, but not so much that you’re storing half empty gallons of paint forever in your basement or garage. (Anyone else?? I can’t be the only one cursed by this.)


Sealskin it was. Loved both colors, but the darker sealskin took the cake. It fit the bill for the look we’re trying to accomplish in the man cave.

Step 3: Painting!

I tackled the “guts” first. Definitely my least favorite part, but it has to be done. Then applied the first coat to the shell. Allow time to dry. I applied my first coat on Saturday, then the second (final) coat on Sunday. We could’ve done both on the same day, but we we’re in no hurry.

The pictures below are after the second coat.

IMG_0526 IMG_0527 IMG_0528

Step 4: Add shelving

This is where I let Pete run wild. As you can see above we removed all of the drawers.  Pete then cut and installed select pieces of barn siding to use as the shelving.


Isn’t he cute! 🙂    ^ That miter saw = best dad’s day gift ever! IMG_0532Step 5: Drill holes in the back to allow room for your cords.

Step 6: Step back and admire your handy work!

Drum roll please…………ta da!

IMG_0534 IMG_0535 IMG_0536 IMG_0537

We had a lot of fun tackling this project, and couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.



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