1920’s Bungalow

Before there was Pete & Cass, there was just Cass. Let me preface this post by giving credit where credit is due. I couldn’t have accomplished any of this without the help of my family and friends. Dad, Mom, Mel, Rita – I will forever be grateful for your expertise, help, and patience during this journey.   […]

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Why rustic + refined + rePete?

Hi everyone! Welcome to rustic + refined + rePete! We’re glad to have you. So why “rustic + refined + rePete”? Welllll here’s a picture of our cute little family. (All together now “awwwwwww”.) I know, I know. 🙂 So anyways, I’m Cass – 20something, and this is Brandon (Pete) – forever29, and Garrett (rePete) – 8goingon18. <<< […]

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