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How to Hygge in the Summer
Chances are you've never heard of hygge until now.  And if you have, you've been like "what the hygge is that?" - amirite?
Hygge is largely associated with cozy winter nights curled up by the fire, sipping your favorite cut of hot tea, and reading a book.  BUT did you know it's quite easy to hygge in the Summer? Odds are, you already doing it.
Let's start by defining what exactly hygge means. Hygge is an atmosphere, a feeling, a calm energy. It's relishing in life's simple pleasures. Simple right? Yes! Whew...glad we got that out of the way.
Now let's see how we can add more hygge to you summer.

01. Water Fun

Get outdoors, and splash around! Make it a beach day, or a trip to the community pool.  Heck, fire up the sprinkle in your own yard and enjoy the sounds of your child's laughter.
01// Water Fun

02. Bonfire

One of my all time favorites - a bonfire! Be sure to invite your friends and family, and don't forget the smores!

03. Farmer's Market

Visit your local farmer's market.  Last summer we attended a friend's wedding in Des Moines. Turns out Des Moines has an AMAZING farmer's market every weekend during the summer.  We easily spent two hours just wandering the downtown streets filled to the brim with local produce vendors, authentic ethnic foods, fresh cut flowers, wine samples, arts, and music! It was incredible, and most definitely one of my favorite hygge memories.

04. Fresh Cut Flowers

Hygge, no matter what time of the year, will always be at its peak with real plants and greenery around. Take advantage of mother nature's bounty during the summer months and bring a bouquet of fresh cut flowers inside.  I spent a week last summer doing a "bouquet-a-day" challenge. It sounds official, but I made it up to do as a daily stress reliever.  Each day I would have to go outside, and raid my garden, or my mother's garden, or my friend's awesome zinnia patch to create a new bouquet.  Gifting these beautiful bouquets was almost more fun than creating them. #spreadthehygge

05. Picnic

Plan a picnic! This one is easy and can be performed almost anywhere. Don't have a lot of time to plan an excursion? No worries! Make supper easy, and throw together sandwiches, fresh fruit, and some of your favorite drinks. Throw a blanket down in the backyard, and voila!  It's an easy dinner for you, and your kiddos will love it.
Do you have the day off, and you're looking for a little more adventure? Pack a bag, a picnic, and take a hike!  Or go for a road trip, stopping to eat in a park or by the water or literally anywhere outside.

Stay tuned - I look forward to sharing more Summer Hygge ideas as the days grow longer. In the meantime, try the five ideas above!

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