Welcome to Rustic Refined RePete! I’m Cass – owner, operator, wife, mama, dreamer.  I started making candles in 2015. I was hooked with my first batch.  Who doesn’t love candles, amirite?  Flash forward several years later, and I still find myself captivated on nights and weekends pouring away in our basement every chance I get.  

Candles have that special power of making a space feel cozy, clean, welcoming, and even sexy.  Dirty house?  Light a candle.  Guests coming over?  Light a candle.  Date night with your significant other?  Light a candle.  I love bringing a sense of serenity into the homes of our customers. 

For years now our candles have only been available in our small river town.  I wanted to create this online shop as an opportunity for our friends and family around the U.S. to easily access our products.  Please, take your time exploring our different collections.  I will never offer a candle I wouldn’t personally love burning in my own home.  I promise you are destined to find one you will love too.

– Cass

Meet The Maker

    Cass Grunewald

    Woman owned, family supported.

    Cass Grunewald
    Owner | Operator | Wife | Mama